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Shawntai Genell Brown is a freelance blogger, playwright, storyteller and poet living in Detroit, Michigan.

Most recently she has had her short “Ghost Town” performed through The Dirty Blondes Theater in New York, NY, written and produced six play projects in her eLLe Kalamazoo series, and collaborated with the Douglas Center to create “Covert,” a play about the Civil Rights Movement in Kalamazoo.

Shawntai also wrote, casted and directed Breadcrumbs: Journey to Authenticity based on interviews conducted by Dr. Michelle Johnson, Executive Director of Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative and Playgrown, of lesbian, gay and bisexual people of color living in Kalamazoo. (Listen to radio interview about show).

As a theater coach and consultant with Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative, Shawntai has helped middle and high school students write and perform five performance pieces about social justice, managed performances and coordinated artists for special projects and shows.


Her tutoring services bring creative writing tutoring into private homes to encourage confidence, fundamentals of English language, and guided youth-directed independent study. For more information about signing up your child for this service, send an email to shawntai.brown@gmail.com


Find more of her work at Paragonlifeblog.com or in The Western Herald.

Shawntai also has work published in Iris Jacob’s My Sisters’ Voices.

curriculum vitae


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3 thoughts on “About author

  1. Hey SandZ!!! I am so proud of ya! I havent been on here in a while and it looks really cool! im so im so impressed!

  2. This particular post, “Shawntai’s spiral notebook | Actually I’ve updated to an inferior PC” Blinds And Shades illustrates the fact that you actually
    understand what you r communicating about! I completely agree.

    Thanks a lot ,Christopher

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